Five Minute Friday – “enough”

Today, I get to do something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile! I’m linking up with the amazing community Kate Motaung has going over at Five Minute Friday. This week’s word is “enough”. My job is to write for five minutes – no grammar checking, spell checking, self-editing… just let it out. Yikes. I self-edit constantly… this may be harder than I realize.

5 minutes on the clock… and go.

I saw the email with the weekly word in it and almost laughed. Enough? Really??? That word plagues me almost daily. Am I really enough? Am I doing enough? Do I go deep enough into the kids hearts to deal with their attitude behind their actions? Am I connecting deep enough with my husband to keep our marriage strong? Do I hold on to things so we have too much instead of just enough?

That’s what strikes me about the word right now. I’m staring at a pile of boxes and other as sundry items that I packed yesterday. Yep. Yesterday. Why you might ask am I packing boxes? Well, that would be the result of signing papers on a new house yesterday. The house I had no idea even existed Monday morning. It means our house now will be the proverbial blender soon. My organized (well maybe semi-organized) life will be upended until the unpacking begins.

I keep asking myself as I pack each box: Do I even need this? Is this too much? Have I used this within the last year? I am concluding the inevitable truth – I have more than enough. I am more than enough – but not by myself! Oh my no! I am more than enough only because in my utter weakness of the proverbial control freak – He is strong for me. —

Time’s up!
So there it is. Five minutes of writing. You’d think it wouldn’t be so hard but it’s rather deceptive – especially when you factor in Spring Break and three kids and snacks and neighbor kids ringing the doorbell and the dog wanting in and out. 🙂 But I did it!


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