Five Minute Friday – “truth”

It’s another Five Minute Friday! I am linking up with Kate Motaung over at Heading Home. I so enjoy the amazing community of writers who encourage each other weekly!

Happy Friday-ish! So, it may actually be Saturday, but we can still call this the Five Minute Friday. Because we can!

It’s been awhile but the big move happened and we are settling in the new house bit by bit. (post coming about that soon!)

This week’s word is “truth”

5 minutes on the clock… and go!

Truth. This word seems picked especially for this week. Between the news media and friends I’m struggling to see that our culture even grasps the actual meaning of this word.

Truth is honest. transparent. It hurts sometimes but it always heals. It is fearful to those who have something to hide. But to those who stand in the Light, it is a warm whole sensation. It brings freedom from chains. It restores closeness in relationships.

Truth is hard to speak sometimes. It can be a delicate thing while feel like a 2×4 is being swung into your soul. But it is necessary.

Without truth, we have no TRUE relationships. It becomes all about feelings and keeping those feelings only in the happy places of our hearts. That is dangerous! Feelings change. They are so very fickle. I tell my children often, your feelings will always follow right choices – truth.

… and there you have it. 5 minutes of writing. Everything in me wants to edit and change and elaborate. But here’s me following the rules! 🙂


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  1. Thanks for sharing. I can totally relate to your want/need to edit! But, I can also feel relief at posting these FMFs instead of putting them in my great, virtual pile of posts that “need editing”. 🙂

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