In the Raw: Moving isn’t for sissies

It’s the end of September. This means there have been several weeks for the kids to adjust to their new schools and today I got to volunteer for the first time.

After somehow misreading the volunteer email, I signed up for the 1st grade time slot instead of the 2nd grade – which turned out to simply be an opportunity to get more steps in and start the process of fitting in with the other moms. Win, right?!

As my youngest’s teacher came out leading her class, I caught sight of my mohawk-wearing boy and he ran over to me with his usual bear hug. The other mom to whom I was passing the time with the usual smalltalk came over and exclaimed over his height and asked if he really does belong in 2nd grade.

My heart hurt and I bit my tongue.

Right then and there, I wished I could teleport us back to his previous elementary school. He was simply the boy with the mohawk there. He’d begun in Young 5’s and progressed with each teacher loving his tender heart and sweet personality.  Now, he has to jump into a place where his obvious differences will be noted first rather of the rest of his personality.

The other day, out of the blue, he asked his dad if he was held back in school. He had to have heard that question from someone at school. I want to wrap my mother-bear arms around him and growl at every ignorant mom-question and odd look. When in reality, that will serve nothing more than to confirm his differences in a negative way to him.

So I do as I did today. I swallow my tears. I smile instead – truly smile – as I watch my strong boy run and imagine himself as an airplane with his arms outstretched. He high-fives his buddies as he passes them on the track and they smile at him. He comes running back around to me, grabs my hand, and tells me, as he always does, that he loves me so much. His joy and excitement for the little things in life lift my eyes to the God who perfectly designed him before he ever took his first breath.

So. Moving isn’t for sissies. Packing and unpacking boxes blows chunks.

Even more than that, you must be sure God has you where He intends before those moments come. Ugly crying can happen when you miss silly things like your finished office space or serious things like 5 years of friendships with teachers and other moms left behind at the other school. Knowing God has us exactly and perfectly right here is such a comfort even in the uncomfortable.

Moving isn’t for sissies, but it is worth it. It’s possibly the greatest avenue for you to get rid of the stuff you don’t need. That in itself is a serious win!




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