Five Minute Friday – “depend”

It’s that time again! The Nerd Factory is joining up with Kate Motaung and the Five Minute Friday community to add my take on the weekly writing prompt.

This week’s word is “depend”.

5 minutes on the clock – and GO.

I had a hard time with this word when we got married. To depend on my husband also meant that he could let me down – and even worse was the possibility I might come to actually trust him and come to let that dependence be my normal way of life.

It turned out to be rather crippling for our marriage. I held back. I depended on him for the things I knew I couldn’t do, but I wouldn’t depend on him for the other things I knew I was capable to provide. It created a dangerous habit and it was also shouting to my dear husband that I did not truly love him.

I realized this only when I saw the hurt look in his eyes after my typical reaction to handle things on my own. His hurt then hurt my heart.

It’s an unfortunate thing that we usually don’t change our choices until we see the hurt in the face of the one we love. Though, I am thankful to tell you I’ve learned how to depend on him – and enjoy it. It’s such a gift.

Timer done.

Now comes the hard part. Hitting send sans any edits!


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  1. I also find it can be hard to depend on others- I think the fear of being let down is real- but as you say, for it to be a real relationship, learning to trust is important. I love the title of your blog too! Visiting from FMF.

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  2. Ruth, as I read your post I thought your comment regarding how you had a hard time with depending on your partner once you got married. I imagine that so many of us find it hard to trust others and come to a place where we can depend on them. To fully depend on or rely on another is such a place of vulnerability isn’t it? And yet, as you mention it is only once we are able to fully trust that we can depend on another, that there is the potential for the to be strengthened, and allow us to find greater joy.

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    1. I think that’s where your vows come in… for better or worse.

      I happened to catch a piece of Andrew Peterson’s song Dancing in the Minefields today. I love how he says: It was harder than we dreamed but that’s what the promise is for.

      I can’t imagine what you and your dear wife are going through but I do know my promise spoken 14 years ago has pulled me up short several times as I dealt with hard things.

      Praying for you & Barbara


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