31 Days: “worship”

If you’ve been around the Nerd Factory awhile, you know that I link up with the Five Minute Community led by Kate Motaung. For the month of October, I will be joining in the 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes!

For the record, the idea of actually following through on a started goal of such as this scares me witless. Also for the record, I am doing a bit of writing ahead when I can and scheduling posts so when curve balls happen – I’m not the angry mom dealing with all the things.

Other than the added daily feature of this, things are pretty much the same. Write for 5 minutes then post without any edits. Scary but such a good way to build focus.

So “worship” is the word. 5 minutes on the clock – GO.

Funny this word is the first prompt of the month. I had a blog post started a couple months ago but couldn’t find a way to write about my concerns that was edifying.

I guess we need to start with a definition. Worship is giving God worth or value above all other things in my life. When I’m in church and I’m physically standing with my heart ready to give God worth and value above the junk that happened either that morning or that week, I need to be reminded of WHO God is.

Most often, what actually happens is that I am reminded of who I am and what God can do or has done for me rather than WHO He is. I’m very good at seeing me and my and all myself-ish stuff. But I often have to work and preach to my soul to remember the attributes of this God I worship.

I need to remember and apply how these attributes become necessary for me in the day-to-day of living with sinful children in a sinful family. God’s graciousness and love and faithfulness and mercy and… so many things that help me to remember what my life can be like because of my worship of Him.

My worship isn’t simply for Him. It’s for me to remember who I really am in relation to who He is. Every day I’m desperately needing a humbling view of myself in comparison to my holy and perfect and gracious Father.

This is what it means to worship – each day as well as Sunday.

Time’s Up! Day 1: complete!


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    1. Thanks for reading! 🙂 Scheduling posts out has been a huge help to me. I’m currently due for the next round so that’s my plan this afternoon. 🙂 We can do this!!


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