31 Days: “tell”

Day 2 of the 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes!

The word is “tell” – five minutes on the timer… and GO!

As a mom of 3, the first thing I thought of when I saw this word was: I’m TELLING on you!! MOOOOMMMMYYYY!!!!!

Yep. You know what it’s like. Your whole body tenses up with the rush of all-too-familiar sound of running feet possibly being accompanied by shoving as the instigator tries every last tactic to avoid bringing Mom into the problem.

This summer was my battleground. As much as I tried to engage each dear child, they insisted on doing a lot of “TELLING”. Out of desperation I resorted to this philosophy: If you cannot handle the problem yourselves and you need to bring me into your issue (barring any blood, broken bones, puking or any other dangerous issue) I will handle the issue and you won’t like it. EITHER party.

This definitely gave the 3 Musketeers pause before they TOLD on each other, but it did only last so long. Then it was back to the usual issues. I had to continually encourage them to give each other the benefit of the doubt.

Don’t rush to TELL and instead think of the issue from the other’s point of view. Be a good friend.

… and Time’s UP!

Here it is – no edits and posting for Day 2 of 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes!



2 thoughts on “31 Days: “tell”

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  1. As a teacher of young children, I am often listening to the telling. Often I say to them I don’t want to hear them and that they need to sort it out between themselves. There are only so many stories a person can hear in one day!

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