31 Days: “hope”

Day 4 of 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes!

Today’s word is “hope” – five minutes on the timer… and GO!

This is one of my favorite words! It’s so sweet and full of promise. Hope!

Even on a dark day, figuratively or literally speaking, it’s still there. Daring me to smile and keep on taking the next step. “Don’t lose me, it says.”

“You’re never too far from the one who gave me to you, in fact, it’s because of Him that you have me!”

It’s the reason I open the Words of Hope and study them because they’re not simply the law and rules and stuff I’m told, but true and living hope for the worst of days. When things happen that blow my reality to smithereens… when snipers shoot into a crowd of concertgoers… when a momma’s baby has a chest cavity full of a tumor… it’s still there. Reminding. Hope is found in Him – only!

Hope of a new place and right justice and wholeness – someday. I’m good with that.

So I will hold on to Him.

Time’s Up! Day 4 of 31: complete!


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