31 Days & FMF – “story”

Day 6 of 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes!

Today’s word is “story” – five minutes on the timer… and GO!

What a great word for today! Here I am at the Breathe Conference and our main speaker Leslie Leland Fields spoke tonight on story – of all things!

I need to get her audio because that has to be played again for my soul to hear. My story matters. Each of our stories needs to be told in our voice in our art form.

I love how she reminded us of our stories as writers and how that sometimes makes us weird. 🙂 That we don’t always have to have a happy positive victorious ending to our story either. Sometimes we need to sit with the hurt and pain and not move past that but acknowledge it. For others too.

Ecclesiastes clearly states some very negative things – yet it’s canonical. So I rest my case. Story isn’t simply positive and happy endings but our whole lives focused and living in every way for the purpose of His Kingdom through the hard things and the pain. Never taking our eyes away from Jesus but not ignoring the questions.

I’m so thankful for my story and His Story. He’s not done yet.


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    1. I haven’t! My favorite way to consume books (if I don’t have time to sit and read) is audiobooks. From the way she spoke, I think her books would be made for that. Her pace and rhythm and word choice and all of it – perfect for being heard aloud. Going on my library app!


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