31 Days: “truth”

**Sunday’s post is backdated. The weekend was busy and Monday is a new day!**

Day 8 of 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes!

Today’s word is “truth” – five minutes on the clock… and GO!

Sometimes I forget that truth doesn’t need me to defend her. She does a great job coming out on top, eventually.

But oh, it pains me to see her trampled and ground into something unrecognizable and pitiable – yet she’s still there.

I don’t want to wait for her process of sloughing off the false and untrue, stepping out of the hideous skin shining with the rightness which she was meant to have. I want to rip the awful skin off myself so everyone can see what is real and right.

But it never helps. It only hurts them.

Sometimes a kind word here or there helps the process but never ugly ones. Shouting it loud doesn’t make it more obvious to others either. It just makes people turn down any desire they have to truly hear.

… and time’s up!

Interesting what comes out when you just let your fingers loose on the keys.

Day 8 complete!


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