31 Days: “listen”

Day 10 of 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes!

Today’s word is “listen” – five minutes on the timer… and go!

I heard someone say on some news outlet the other day that we’re all just speaking past each other and not listening truly to each other’s words.

I think this is an epidemic. Serious epidemic.

The kids have this disease and oh my word, I have it! It’s awful. Sometimes, or should I say, especially in a disagreement, I’m choosing to simply listen for the words to finish rather than the words spoken.

I’m too busy listening for the silence so I can blast in with my own cleverly witted sentences to defend my point of view rather than the words the other person is trying to speak to me.

Listening seems to be going the way of the card catalogue and phone book. But I don’t think we have to let it.

We can choose to hear the words rather than just listening for the silence.

We can choose to hear the heart of a person not simply their words.

We must choose to put ourselves in the place of the other person so we can do the best job at trying to see it from their eyes.

Jesus certainly did that. He put on our skin and messy world so today He can listen to me and genuinely understand my hurts and needs as He not just listens to my words in prayer but my heart.

… and times’ up.

Day 10 complete!


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