31 Days: “share”

Day 18 of 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes!

Today’s word is “share” – five minutes on the timer… and go!

Sharing. That implies there is something others don’t know. Something I know and they need to know.

Well. I’m not sure how many of you actually need to know this particular detail but in the craziness of the move, my substitute teaching permit which is sent to me as an email reminder so I can pay the required fee for the next year… I either didn’t get the email or (more likely) the 30 day window closed and now I cannot sub until I reapply.

This caused me to take a step back. I certainly wasn’t missing the sub jobs. I didn’t mind not getting the standard 6:30 wake up call saying someone wasn’t able to come in that day and could I step in for a rowdy Kindergarten class all day?!

But somewhere deep down, I recognize the need for me to get out of these four walls and away from the cute yet annoying puppy and be with people.

Teaching isn’t my only shtick. I also have been known to occupy the receptionist’s chair in a dermatologists office or an oral surgeon’s office.

I find myself at a crossroads and I don’t know which way to go. But I do know Who to ask. 🙂

… and time’s up!

Day 18 complete.


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