31 Days: “brave”

Day 19 of 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes!

Today’s word is “brave” – five minutes on the timer… and go!

When my daughter was in 4th grade, her teacher, Mrs. Kalmink, had a song of the week that the students were to listen to and think about the music/lyrics and decide what they thought about it – how did that song help them? make them feel?

This song was one of those. She showed me the music video (which was just words shown with the music) and we talked about it.

As every writer knows, words are my best friend and worst enemy. I love them! I can’t get enough of them and I desperately crave hearing them spoken over my own work, but they can also be the most horrific machete-like tool to cut down those who dare to put their heart on the page in the form of words.

So. This song. It shouts to my heart every time I hear it. It’s on my playlist called: Fight Songs! It leads the charge so I remember it is brave to speak my heart and speak not only my silly words but to share the beautiful amazing truth of what God has done for me.

That He never fails me when I fail. He never leaves when I get tired of following. He is always there keeping His word.

What brave things are you shouting to your heart today?! What song helps you remember?

… and time’s up!

Oh I so badly want to go back and edit out all my crazy long run-ons. ugh. This is me obeying the rules and hitting publish anyway. 🙂

Day 19 done!


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