FMF – “Other”

There is always time for it.


Anything but what is truly important.

I flit to and fro for other people, other tasks, other relationships rather than believing my gift of words is important and valuable and worth sitting down to cultivate.

This is the reason I’ve been silent in this space lately. I’ve been doing writerly things, of course: composing a book review, sending off a guest post, helping a friend edit her manuscript, but I’ve not been intentionally making time for the gift. Being present and listening for the words – as Madeleine L’Engle says.

I believed the lie that begins to sink in after awhile that my words don’t actually matter in reality and no one cares about them.

For a writer, words always make us vulnerable. In other areas of our lives it’s easy to flick off that lie as one might do to a nagging fly. But this? It pierces like a nasty little flea sucking out our very lifeblood.

So today is a beautiful gloomy Michigan spring day with a forecast of thunder and rain – one of my most creative type of days.

I’m going to make the most of this day and His gift.

–I’m way over my five minutes, but sometimes you just gotta go with it! Join us over at the Five Minute Friday Community and check out even more posts on “Other”.


Photo from Unsplash by Aaron Burden


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