FMF – “rain”

Rain used to mean change of plans and disrupted schedules.

After our honeymoon 15 years ago, it has come to mean restful and sweet.

We’d known each other one year to the day when we married. Kinda crazy but when you know, you know.

Our honeymoon was a surprise and I discovered it meant a flight out to Palm Springs, CA to stay in a condo for a few days before packing up the truck (that my hubby purchased through friends who graciously left it at the airport) for the drive back to Michigan.

If you don’t already know, Palm Springs is a small community in the desert of California. Going there in July meant 120 degree days where you can’t put the back of your hand on the window inside your vehicle. Since neither of us prefers hot weather, it was an easy decision to leave and begin the adventure home.

Our first stop was the Hoover Dam. 123 degrees. Gorgeous red rocks as far as we could see. Desert camping and unintentionally creating a sauna with our tent. Hardly slept as wild donkeys left their piles as they meandered through our site. No showers and frogs in the toilets. For real.

Up to this point, I’d had no real experience dealing with desert conditions. To say I missed rain, water, green, cool, grass, showers, pools, anything that could possibly hold water was a huge understatement.

Enter Green River, Colorado. That was actually the name of the first town we came to crossing into Colorado. Everything was green. I stood in the shower soaking in the moisture and washing away the red dust of the desert. It was glorious.

Then, late in the night, it RAINED. Gorgeous comforting cooling sweet rain. I look back on that moment and realize life was so simple, then. There was no one to feed or dress or keep busy. No house to clean or pile of dishes to wash. I simply could lay in my new husband’s arms and be. Just be.

We talked and talked. There was no schedule to keep. We just lived that moment together. We read together and talked some more – among other things. 🙂

To this day, one of my favorite things is to wake up to a downpour of rain.

The rest of the trip was equally as memorable, but I will save that for another time. 🙂

This post was inspired by today’s writing prompt over at the Five Minute Friday community. 


Photo by Frame Harirak on Unsplash

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  1. One of my favorite things is waking up to the sound of rain pounding on the roof. We haven’t had rain in a while and for us, it has been a hot summer! It finally rained yesterday and I was so excited.


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