31 Days: Day 3 “believe”

With the blog posts, you’ve probably noticed the book reviews that pop every Monday. I get to pre-read the new books that appear in our church’s library – and I love it!

But sometimes, as I read them, I think that maybe they just had some aligning of the stars and planets and Starbucks cups to get their agent and book contract and all the things that helped them to not only publish their story but get it out so people actually read it.

It’s hard to believe that the characters and stories God’s given me to write will actually get done and could one day be bound in paper and glossy pages and put in the hands of excited readers.

But I have to believe it’s worth it.

No matter how many times those darn thoughts slip in, I have to remind myself how the stories got to me in the first place. He gave me them and so to believe means I quietly sit in my chair with my hands on the keyboard each day.

Belief is to act. So I write.


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