31 Days: Day 6 “belong”

It’s taken me several decades to be at home in my own skin.

I wanted so much to belong to those cliques in youth group, the pretty college girls, the cute teachers group… I tried to steer clear of the “smart” groups. But I couldn’t avoid them.

For example, at my Senior year talent show, I read Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree in front of the entire youth group. Not sure what I was thinking. Not sure why my parents didn’t try to dissuade me, but I did it. Read the whole thing.

They loved it.

Since then, I’ve been running away from where I belong. It took someone cracking a joke at my expense for me to realize it.

It was said that our family is a nerd factory because that’s what happened when an engineer and a teacher got married and had kids! (they got lots of laughs) This was proven by the fact that our three children love reading so much they’ve had their books taken away for not completing other tasks and choosing to read instead.

But that comment stopped me.

Being a nerd was always the most uncool thing you could be, yet… if it was true that nerds run the world, why is it bad? Not to mention, since when is it bad to read??!

So. I decided my blog needed to be The Nerd Factory. Reading and thinking are so very good and learning to do both at the same time is even better.

Belonging in other groups is fine if you belong there. I belong over here with my tribe of writers and grammar nerds – and I’m thrilled about it!


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