31 Days: Day 5 “share”

Writers and authors have “platform numbers” tossed in our faces often. 

“How many email subscribers do you have?” 

“How people follow you on Instagram? Facebook? Twitter?” 

“You don’t have an Author Facebook Page??!” 

It’s so overwhelming, but I think underneath it all – maybe a long way underneath – is the idea of sharing. 

If God created me to write, I have something valuable to say. It’s worth sharing on social media. But in the Christian writer’s community that idea gets a little hairy sometimes. To be a humble follower of Christ, this putting myself out there seems of character. 

Last year at Breathe Writers Conference, we were encouraged to sit with the tension of why we share our work online. Numbers yes, but it’s a humble gift for the reader. It was hard. I wanted to pick the “right” choice and be done. But the tension is valuable. 

It comes down to my heart. Writing from pride is going to go bad places usually. But when I know my place in the order of recipient of grace and Giver of grace? Wow. That’s when my writing sings. 

Every time I click that “share” button on my Author Facebook page, I pray that whatever the words, they lift up the reader and bring their eyes to Him. 



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