31 Days: Day 7 “hope”

There’s nothing like hearing multi-published authors say they have the same thoughts I do. 

“What do I have to say that hasn’t already been said?”

“Will anyone even read this?” 

“That cursor is mocking me… again.” 

“I have nothing to write. Ugh.” 

The difference between them and me is they’ve learned what to do next.

They don’t get stuck sitting in that chair staring at the screen like a zombie. One said she gets up and does some other form of creative work: painting, sketching or papercraft.  Another said he gets up and goes outside for a long walk. 

They get up, they don’t give up. So much hope in that!

It’s easy to sit at a writer’s conference and look around at the full auditorium. These intelligent people probably have book ideas coming out their ears. 

Last year, Don Perini spoke. He told us about Steven Pressfield’s idea of Resistance. It’s when you get a great idea and then immediately something else barges into your mind and asserts its dominance over you. 

The windows have to be washed RIGHT NOW!

That closet upstairs? It needs to be reorganized RIGHT NOW!

Every item of your household list? It must be done RIGHT NOW!

This is Resistance. When we encounter it, we’re on the right path. It means we don’t give up. We push through and win. Even if pushing through is simply creating a file and labeling it with the idea. 

During the talk, he had all of us walk to separate spots in the auditorium depending on what resistance we face most. Distraction, Procrastination, Fear… there were a few.  I ended up in a large group of admitted Distraction-experts. I looked around. Some were published several times over and some weren’t. 

The bolt came.

We all struggle with THE SAME THING.

I can’t tell you how much hope I felt right then! I felt like I joined arms with the great writers of the world who struggle to ignore the distractions and be who God made them to be. 

So I offer that hope to you. Resist. We all struggle. Oh man, do we struggle! Consider your arms joined with every writer ever. 

Write with hope. 


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