31 Days: Day 10 “how”

This is an interesting word. As with most English words, there are layers to its meaning. 

How I write, literally? 

I prefer a Zebra F-301 fine point black pen with a pink barrel – yes that pink barrel makes a difference. Don’t ask me what, but it does. I need the feel of that pen when it’s just me and my journal – the epitome of writing and the most personal kind.

When I’m working on a post or a story or a book, I prefer my Macbook for efficiency. I can type faster. 


How did I get here in my journey as a writer? 

Encouragement. Perseverance. Belief that I’m not weird or crazy but created. 

My tribe. Saying no to other things. Practice. Critique. Bravery.

More Writing and lots more practice. 


How do the ideas come? 

I don’t really know.

They come at the oddest times. In the shower is the most common one for me. I usually have my phone nearby to capture whatever idea popped up. 

Looking out the window as we travel is another time. My husband once spotted a lady pulling her pushmower behind her riding mower. He commented and laughed. I immediately reached for my mini journal ever ready in my purse. 

Sometimes you adopt a dog when you really don’t want to and the dog does bizarre things like try to ride the school bus and you realize you need to write about it. This is another way. 

Then there are the times I’m staring out the window with my fingers on the keyboard and it takes me a minute to realize I’m writing – and it’s rather good. 

Regardless of the how, I write.



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