31 Days: Day 11 “door”

A door is an opening leading from one place to another. 

My writing door would be the day a woman I hardly knew asked me if I’d ever considered going to a writers group, and then invited me to hers that next Tuesday. 

Sitting here today, I truly don’t know where I would be had I refused her offer – well, I can hazard a guess: I would be swirling around discouraged in my own head – alone. Hesistantly publishing posts on my blog with no real purpose to my writing. 

Stepping through the door also meant actually stepping in to the meeting room where they all were waiting. Fear was shouting at me as I sat in the parking lot. There was no way I could truly consider myself a writer. No one actually cared what words I had to say. “Skill to offer?? Ha. You actually think you have skill?!” 

But I stepped into the building, then the room and found a place at the table with welcoming faces. They listened as I began to feel comfortable to tell pieces of my story and even had tears as I wrote some of it. 

Every writer needs a doorway to get to the next step of their journey.  

If you’re just starting out, find your tribe. 

Then hold the door open for others. 


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