31 Days: Day 12 “praise”

Oh man. This is a doozy. 

Praise is a drug. I love hearing encouraging words spoken regarding the things I’ve written. It is so easy to determine the outcome of a post based on the “likes” or the comments or whatever. 

Remember what I said about Lynn Austin? She determined her definition of success as bringing just one person closer to God. 

One “like”??? Only one?? 

That would definitely take the wind out of my sails.

Leslie Leyland Fields spoke about Jonah and Ezekiel at the conference last year. They were both communicators of God’s truth. Both had ministries. Both were given a job but only one of them was successful. 

Jonah had a bit of a problem obeying and going where God said, but once he got there, he had the ENTIRE city on its knees from the King to the lowest servant. Wow! Total success, right? 

Ezekiel did all the things God told him to do: lie on your side for days and days, eat this scroll… and other strange things. He obediently did it all for God. Yet not even ONE person was changed. Total failure, right?

Well, it turns out that God’s definition of success is tied to our hearts. Do I care about what God cares about? Jonah did not care one tiny bit for any of the people in that city. He was sitting outside the city waiting for the great show God would bring with the fire and brimstone. He cared more for the insignificant plant that shaded him than the eternal value of the people God loved. 

Ezekiel’s heart was completely obedient to his God – and not one person was changed. God’s judgement came exactly has God said it would. But his ministry was successful because Ezekiel obeyed and loved what God loved. 

So I send out these posts regardless of “likes” or comments. I write becuase this is who I’m created to be. So I will obey and keep on and practice. 

I know He already “likes” me so I’m good. 🙂 


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