31 Days: Day 14 “ask”

The session was great!

He’d spoken on how to write and publish children’s books. Such great information and helpful tips. I was wishing I could somehow illustrate this book idea so I didn’t have to split the book proceeds with someone else.

As he closed, he mentioned he would be willing to sit down and answer questions more in-depth. 

I waited a bit while he spoke to a few others then it was my turn. 

I introduced myself and shook his hand formally. I handed the packet of info to him as I explained the premise of the children’s book manuscript he had in his hands. 

He laughed as I told him how I didn’t want this dog but when a dog does this many crazy things, you gotta take a hint and just write about it. 

He stopped and took a moment to read my manuscript completely through. I fiddled with my hands as I waited – listening as he tracked with the story, chuckling here and there. 

It was THE longest moment to date. 

After he finished the last page, he looked at me. I thought this is it. Here it comes. 

He took a deep breath. “I think, with the way you write, the piece needs to breathe. It’s obvious there’s more here and more adventures. Write it all out. Throw out the Market and word counts. Just write it. If it’s a middle grade novel, then let it be that.” 

Such encouragement and relief! 

It was disconcerting just the same. I came with 904 words and empty checkboxes to check and next steps. My plan was disintegrating. 

But I’d asked God to show up and guide every conversation. 

And like always, He does. 


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