31 Days: Day 15 “when”

Anne Lamott has a process of writing. 

Stephen King does too. 

Some have a certain table and chair at a local coffee shop. 

Others have a certain window to stare out of as they enter into that bored/alpha mode that helps develop their stories. 

I know a certain author who writes her very best between the hours of 1-5am. I don’t schedule any coffee dates with her until at least noon! 

Me, personally? 

My best time of day to write is after my kids get on the bus for school. I’m under the greatest resistance during that time so I try to protect the morning hours for solid creating. It’s so hard. The dishes, laundry, general picking up all yell at me – especially if I’m not particularly on my game the night before. 

I write best when I’m sitting in my space: an antique writing desk (the one used in the graphic for this post!) with a pull string lamp. It calls to me.

I also found that certain types of music help me to delve deep into creative efforts. Brain Study Music Specialists have an album called “Office Desk – Mindfulness Deep Concentration Music”. There is actually a track on this album called Writing a Book as well as my favorite (currently listening) Creative Writing! If you search up meditiation or writing music, you’ll find lots of options. I love writing to music and it helps to block out the house/dog/kid noise. But the music I loved most had words/movies associated to it that directed my writing even if I wanted to go a different way. 

Right now, I’m sitting in the rather noisy kids section of our library while my children pick out books. I’ve got my noise canceling headphones in with my trusty Creative Writing song on repeat. 

I also try not to consume anything by anyone other than God before I create. If I find I’m stuck somehow, I get out Walking on Water by the inimitable Madeleine L’Engle but other than that, I don’t read any books before I’ve written that day. 

Rereading this, it sounds like I live a very regimented life, but I really don’t. There are few guidelines I’ve put in place to keep the well fresh and flowing clear.


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