31 Days: Day 16 “pray”

I’m about half way done.

It’s getting tedious and this year I’m very much behind, but I press on. I keep posting batches of prompts when I get the time and am still hoping to get ahead of this beast before the month ends! 

To pray seems as obvious to writing as “step 1 – find a pen and paper. “ But I find it’s far too easy to rely on my natural gift until it runs dry and I’m sitting in the dust trying to figure out how this happened. Again. 

I had a similar thing happen to me while studying at Moody. People warned me against it, told me how easy it was to study the Word as a textbook rather than a loveletter. I heard them all and even tried to guard myself but it still happened. 

One day, I found myself opening my copy of the Word written thousands of years ago yet with immediate relevance to this very day and thinking “Ugh. Okay. Gotta get this assignment done so I can get the rest of my reading done before I leave for work.”

I was studying the gospel of John. The disciple whom Jesus loved was talking about how he loved Jesus. 

Reality check. 

It took me a long time after college to be able to handle the dissecting of a passage again. I love paring down the details and seeing them in the context of the passage and the book and especially the whole of scripture, but I must be so careful to remember the beauty of God’s love written through each word – to me. 

My BSF lesson is often separate from my time spent journaling with God. It’s easy to view journaling as extra and not an essential. But it actually primes the writing pump to bring up the deep stuff. 

Pray. Journal. Sit and be with Him. Listen. Go back to Step 1. 



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