31 Days: Day 17 “pause”

I’ve been on pause since Breathe last weekend. 

I haven’t written anything more about Peppermint Bark or even the novel. It’s so overwhelming to take in everything and everyone at a conference. 

You hear how you need to build a platform and increase it with great shareable graphics. Great advice. 

You hear how writers sometimes perpetuate gross stereotypes of race and learn ways to write with strength and dignity for others. 

You hear how you need to research agents and editors and find one who knows the Christian market has connections in the general market. 

You hear how your idea is fantastic and that’s so encouraging yet the what-if’s still come knocking. 

You hear that you need to write a book proposal and not only that, in order to submit one you need to have the book completed if it’s a fiction book. 

You hear the hard things others are slogging through and realize you’re sailing along pretty well. 

You hear from the newbiest newbie and realize you’re not a newbie anymore and are able to encourage her journey as others have encouraged you. 

So pause has been good thus far. It’s good to remember and think, but it’s coming to a close. Peppermint Bark has some stories to tell! 

I’m learning to accept the ebbs and flows of this writing life. No guilt. 

I’m hitting play! 


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