31 Days: Day 18 “search”

Okay. This post is going to be up close and very personal. 

I am continually searching for books. This is probably not surprising considering most writers are avid readers. But I have so many already!  (When my 5 twelve foot shelves for my library are up with all my beautiful books, I will proudly post a picture.)

But even that colorful sight won’t hold my mini-library.

My writing collection.

They are stored in the bottom drawer of my writing desk. Ann, Stephen, Elizabeth, Andy, James, Don, Steve, Sol, Katharine, and many others are filed there waiting for the moment I need them to help with some connundrum in the writing process.

My mini-library certainly isn’t exhaustive but I’ve tried to curate a balanced collection. Help and humor. Wisdom and Practice. 

Oh. And the thing I should mention is that my drawer is almost full. I can only fit one or two more. 

I am forced to slow the search but I still keep an ear to the ground. After all, my drawer is my toolbox. I wish I could personally thank all my friends down there but alas.

I will settle for reading them over and over. 


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