31 Days: Day 21 “start”

By this point in the month, you’re probably well aware of how to start writing. 

Find a journal. Pick up a pen. Write. 

Or open a document. Name it. Type. 

It can be about anything and everything. You just need to start. 

A time to write, a space to write, even writing music is fantastic and so helpful but if you don’t start, it doesn’t matter what kind of pen or laptop you have. They will simply be paperweights until you actually do it. 

As I began to write blog posts, I found an editorial calendar very helpful. This one has been with me through a lot of learning. In fact, I’ve grown and come to realize how to customize what I need. So I created a planner with the pieces I needed – without extra pages I didn’t need. Necessity is the mother of invention, so they say. 

But you don’t need a editorial blog planner to start. 

Own the gift of being a writer. 

Believe that what you say matters.  

Just write. 

You’ll make grammar mistakes and it won’t sound spectacular the first time out, but practice and give it time. 

Keep writing. 

You will get there. 

Someday you will need that planner and those other things. 

In the meantime, just start. 


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