31 Days: Day 27 “whole”

There is a danger in writing. 

Remember how I said the reader needs to feel and see and experience the same feelings I did. If that’s true, it is possible then, to not speak the whole truth. 

Truth isn’t subjective. Truth also isn’t without emotion. And yes, those two statements don’t contradict each other. 

A situation is often overwhelmed with emotion, so much that anyone attempting to bring it to life has to choose which emotion and even how to convey that emotion so strength and place come through rather than simply raw undefined feeling. 

The careless writer takes a sensitive issue such as racism and slaps generalities and stereotypes on it and then forces it into an ill-advised conclusion. The whole issue isn’t brought forward. The whole person is not acknowledged. The whole complexity of the mess is never spoken. 

I did this many times as a newbie writer. 

Oh man, I cringe and want to expunge my early writing, but it’s there for all to see. The brash inexperienced writer forcing out her thoughts hoping to get people to notice and see her “amazing” ideas. Ugh. 

It’s far better to use the pen as a surgical instrument rather than a sword. Cut away the unncessary from the vital. Use it to reconstruct and bring life. Bring to light the cancer and evil hiding in the dark but bring hope in the same breath. Life. 

Love and wholeness come from speaking the whole truth – with grace. 

I have the burden of doing just that. 


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