31 Days: Day 29 “together”

Writing can be lonely, sitting by myself, putting down words and sentences. 

While it’s definitely not a team sport, it is a team effort. Having each piece seen and heard by those willing to give their input is vital to growing as a writer. 

This month, I’ve written about the importance of being part of a writer’s group and noticing others who haven’t dared to call themselves writers yet. 

But today’s word makes me think of one writer in particular: Jocelyn Green. 

Together means there are others standing with you and you aren’t alone, just hoping for the best. Together means you’re seen. 

This is what she does for writers. 

She reads their books, shares about them in her places of influence and then posts reviews on major sources – all while still writing her own books. 

I want to be like her when I grow up!! 

No competition. No striving or pushing out others to get yours noticed. Standing with shoulders together and helping each other. This is how we love. 

Thank you Jocelyn. 

You set the bar high and I hope to meet it. 


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