31 Days: Day 31 “close”

I made it!! 31 posts about my writing journey! 

Ironically, it was having the overarching theme that helped me stay with it until the end. I wasn’t digging around each day for the next idea. 

I did get behind there for a about 10 days, but grace is now my response rather than giving up and waiting for perfection next year. 

Closing this last post about my writing journey feels odd since I’m definitely not at an end as writer. They will probably have to pry a pen out of my cold dead hands! 

This month I found myself looking at each part of my journey and remembering the parts I thought someone had written THE END in scrawly letters over my attempts at writing. 

I also remembered the moments of encouragement and the place where I stand now is not the place I stood even one year ago. 

Progress not perfection. God is so good! 

Learning who I am has pointed me back to His design for me. He created me and loves me and gave me this gift for His glory. That is a burden and a challenge. 

If you didn’t hear it from me yet, you need to be in a writer’s group!! If you’re not a writer, then find your tribe – wherever that may be. 

While 31 Days of Free Writes comes to a close, the writing life continues. 


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