Wednesday’s Picture Books – Part 1: Books for Laughing

In honor of Picture Book Month, Wednesdays will feature some of my favorite picture books. This week I pulled a couple of my favorite funny stories from my shelf!

51mfETvl+KL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_I Yam A Donkey story and pictures by Cece Bell

So you might know that I’ve been working on a picture book of the adventures of our puppy Peppermint Bark. I needed some market research on children’s books so I popped into our local Barnes and Noble store in Holland. As I was looking around the children’s books, I happened to ask a question of the one person who is in charge of ordering picture books! We had the greatest chat and she had some fantastic advice for me. As we finished, she brought me over to the employees picks display and showed me this book. I looked at that gaudy cover and the donkey and the yam and didn’t know what to think until she told me she has never read a funnier story.

Well, I read the book, right there in the aisle and almost laughed right out loud! For the very first time in my life, I bought a children’s book – brand new – never having seen it before then and without any sale or discount. Yep. I absolutely had to have it.

That night, I brought out my prize and the boys sat down next to me as I read it aloud. We were all laughing so hard by the end (which has a very satisfying, yet surprising ending), Mike came to find out what was so funny. The boys said, “Daddy!! You’re the donkey and Mommy is the yam!!” Bad grammar is often a major debate at our house.

I laughed harder.

Oh, and you might enjoy some grammar pages available here and here!



If You Give a Mouse a Cookie written by Laura Joffe Numeroff and illustrated by Felicia Bond

I’m not sure if you’re aware, but Laura takes the idea of ADD animals and mixes it with a moose, a pig, dog, cat, along with adding more adventures to her friend Mouse as he goes to the movies, school, and has a birthday.

And the reason I love these books? I completely identify with the characters.

I think we are so like this little mouse. If you get a cookie, you don’t think “Wow! This cookie is amazing!”. You think, “Well, I could use a glass of milk to go with it.” Mix in a bit of distracted living and we end up working hard to keep perspective and choose thankfulness – and learning to laugh at ourselves a bit!

There is a mom version here… and the teacher version here!

Go find some of your favorite picture books! Read them again to yourself or some picture-book-loving people and remember to laugh!



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