Merry Christmas! To: YOU From: Me

So… how are you, this 20th of December??

Me? Lots of parties this week… Christmas party for the Girl Scout troop Monday (fun gift exchange!), Christmas party for writers group Tuesday (and it was amazing!), Christmas party last night at church (sugared up 1st graders for an hour and a half), and an extended family Christmas party coming up Saturday. So today, Amy Grant’s I need a silent night is on repeat… my personal therapy time.

I love how she ends the song. Amy’s little girl reads part of the Story… “a Savior has been born to you… and his name shall be called… Prince of Peace.” For me.

He’s the Prince of Peace – for me. Shalom.

It’s not just calm or no stress or drama but genuine wholeness. Being whole doesn’t mean all of life is perfect and “happy” (whatever that is) but I am anchored even in the rocking of the storm because He is my Shalom.

Even though there is no snow (#puremichigan), Christmas music is playing but only a select few – the ones that remind me to listen for the angels and worship and see that Baby for the real and truest part of true Christmas.

Can you believe it?! This is the last post of 2018. Crazy, how time flies!

I’m looking forward to spending time with the kids and reading books aloud and making memories – even through the inevitable drama that will come from 3 very different enneagram numbers rubbing shoulders for days on end. But it will be good. I have a large TBR pile and nothing says Christmas relaxation than a cozy blanket (thank you Costco!) and a great book!

So this is my great big Merry Christmas to you, my dear reader! 

Thank you for continuing to read after long periods of silence. Some of you I know personally, but others of you live in different countries and continents and still somehow you want to read what this midwestern mom has to say about theology and books and how it all mixes up together. thank you. 

The Nerd Factory – 2019

I’m excited about the new year! I have LOTS of book reviews coming up – and my two middle schoolers have asked if they can start writing their own YA reviews! So you will have their unique perspectives to read as well.

Each month, I’m planning a series as I’ve done the last couple months. If there is a topic you’re curious about or would like me to take a stab at, please let me know in the comments! I’m always open to hear your thoughts – especially as I begin to plan the blog post topics for the year.

I hope your Christmas is real… sometimes messy, but completely genuine.

I hope you remember how the God of this whole world came down into our disaster and slept in a slobbery manger. The Nativity doesn’t show the manure or chilled nights. There was no perfection that night except for the Baby in the manger.

I’m pre-adjusting my expectations. The bickering will happen. There will likely not be a white Christmas. The dog will help herself to the kitchen trash. Introverts might not get their desired alone time.

But the Baby is still God with us even in our mess.

I am counting on this. I hope you are too.

Merry Christmas!!


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