In the Raw: Snow Days, Writing & Moving Forward

This post of the Nerd Factory is brought to you on a very cold Wednesday with a -20 windchill. The kids and I have been in this house since Monday this week and school on Thursday has already been cancelled. Blowing snow and negative temps will do that. Also plow trucks having to be pulled out of ditches.

So I’m making the best of this.

Yesterday, a batch of banana bread and a double batch of oatmeal cookies with peanut butter, milk and dark chocolate chips smelled up the house.

Today, Pizza Soup is in the crockpot and dinner roll dough (thank you, vortex for cleaning out the back of the freezer) is rising for garlic butter rolls.

The creative bug bit me too. All the sign-painting projects that have been sitting in my brain for months, now seem silly to wait any longer. So I painted yesterday.

Here’s a peek at the progress I made! The footprints belong to a little version of my oldest. She walked across the still-tacky garage cabinet doors. So they had to move with us.

While this may sound like I’m all hunky-dory over here, I’m not. My youngest hasn’t been feeling good since Monday. Naps are usually magical for him but he’s still not kicking this thing. He’s usually a bouncy guy but he looks and acts like he went 10 rounds with a boxer and lost.

I have to keep putting one foot figuratively in front of the other or I will melt like the snow the dog tracks in after her quick visits outside.

Yesterday, I stopped and simply sat with Jesus, listening rather than talking. Remembering who He is and how much I’m loved. It made Snow Day 2 much more bearable. So today when I woke up to his 103 temp on Snow Day 3, I could hold on to the fact that even this will be okay.

As you’ve probably noticed from the silence, the ideas and plans for posts seemed to fizzle out before I typed them. Sometimes I have to put a mediocre post out there to get the flow unstuck. So bear with me.

I’ve been reading a lot and thinking. Believe it or not, I just finished a book and couldn’t recommend it for the church library. It’s one of those where you want to shake the author and say WHY did you have to go and put that in there?! I really wanted people to hear his fictionalized account of the biblical story… for the love! Stay tuned for that book review 🙂

I also submitted a personal essay for a literary journal this month: 900+ words about catechism. Unfortunately, I won’t hear if they accepted it until May. But since my goal is to get 50 rejections this year, I keep writing and moving onward.

Of course, submitting short stories and essays along with blog posts while writing a children’s book and a Christian fiction novel is rather daunting. Not sure how it will all happen, but Monday I finally figured out a block schedule that will help accomplish most of it.

So, the gears are still turning and the Nerd Factory is still up and kicking – just a lot slower than I’d like. Taking time to intentionally ‘be mom’ is hard when it feels like “writer” should take priority.

Here’s to balance… and moving forward in 2019 – and healthy kids.



Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash

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