FMF: “name”

Names are powerful. They give life, declare purpose and point to a future.

I have a name. You have a name. That name means something and you probably know what it is and likely it has shaped you.

My name means “compassionate or beautiful friend”. Knowing that helped when the kids barked my name and called me 4 eyes. I was defined not by their pronunciation of my name but by what I knew my name really meant.

Coming up with a blog name is difficult. At one point early on in my writing journey, my blog was named “Dancing in the Rain” because as a mom I felt I needed to strive to see the pouring down rain and diapers and wiping noses and cleaning up Cheerios and simply another moment to dance rather than waiting until it was all over to get to the fun part. That purpose drove what I wrote about and helped in that season of my life.

This blog name comes from a phrase from a family member intended to mock my husband and me. “What do you get when you put an engineer and a teacher together?? You get a Nerd Factory!” (insert their hilarious laughter and my eye-rolling) Well, so what if our kids loved books and taking them away was a severe punishment… nerds ruled the world eventually, right?! I say embrace it now. If loving books and learning and thinking makes me a nerd, then whatever. It’s a good thing I was never cool to begin with.

Hence this blog is about helping readers and thinkers.

This next thought may seem trite and Sunday School-esque but my favorite names to think about are the names of God. The greatest clarity in my spiritual journey came when I spent 25000 words writing about who He is and what His names say about Him.

I mean, let’s just take Yahweh for instance. This is an enigma wrapped in a mystery tied up with infinity. The unnameable God who never began and will never end wanted His people to know Him and be close with Him, so He gave them His very personal name which translates “I am”.

Take a minute and attempt to bend your mind around that. His immeasurable love and grace and sweet kindness in the face of his perfect justice and holiness. Wow. We so don’t deserve that. 

He gave us His intimate name because this God who never ends and never began wants to be close with me… you. Yet He rightly demands holiness and righteousness – the perfect balance.

His name is precious. It tells us so much about Him if we take the time to understand and think which I don’t know about you but that always makes me end in worship.

Worship never begins with emotion for me. It always begins with theology. The words of whatever song I’m singing root me to the theology that focuses my fickle mind on true worship of Him.

This weekend, wherever you worship or whatever season you’re in, think about His name. Let the truth of who He is cause you to raise your hands in the joy of belonging to this unnameable yet personable God.

**This post was inspired by the Five Minute Friday prompt for this week: name.**

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  1. This is a great post, Ruth! I love the meaning of your name and how it helped you to hold on to the truth despite the unkind words spoken to you. And I like your blog name too – I also love reading and thinking so I guess that makes me a fellow-nerd!
    God’s name is the best of all though, and grasping who he really is should definitely move us to worship. Visiting from FMF #6.


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