Day 2 of 31: gift

Hello again – it’s your attempting-to-catch-up blog writer.

This moment of writing has been sponsored by the word “gift” … too Sesame Street-esque? Well, if you think about it, it’s true.

If words are gifts and stories are gifts. Then books are beautiful gifts made of gifts that are usually given as gifts.

The person who put those words into stories into a book? That person has a gift.

When I think back over the books and stories I’ve read, the ones that stand out the most are those who stood to lose a great deal should the wrong people have found their words.

  • Anne Frank’s diary
  • Dancing Under the Red Star
  • Corrie Ten Boom’s Hiding Place

Even today, there are those who write stories and must hide their real thoughts or at least not speak them plainly. The gift these writers offer isn’t simply a book that tells their story, they give the gift of boldness and courage to do what seemed impossible: tell the truth. The countless school-aged children who have read Anne’s thoughts and feelings and still continue, the families who read aloud what it means to forgive after such intense inhumane treatment… they are gifts that will never stop giving.

In case you’re wondering, there are no concentration camps in this novel, but there is a courage when one speaks the truth of what happened. Hurt at the hands of other Christians often feels the cruelest of all, yet even in that moment, I hope you the reader will feel the story is still a gift to soak in so it never happens again in your purview.

If you ever happen to be across the coffee shop table from someone when they figuratively unmask and tell you the reality of their lives, I hope you hear their complete trust in you.

I hope you believe and love them.

I hope you bear the painful gift as you shoulder it with them.



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