Day 14 of 31: voice

If you’ve been following my journey of these 31 Days, there was a huge jump from Day 3 to 14 – as in no posts for 11 days.

I’m a perfectionist and I want to complete everything I set out to do but I knew so many things were outside of my control that something had to give. So I did.

Each day will simply be the day’s writing rather than frantically scribbling to catch up on the backlog of posts rather than remembering the point: getting in the beautiful rhythm of words and sentences and ideas. This year is still good and the habit will still be there.

So today. Voice.

Novels can have so many different voices. They can be told through different characters voices, multiple characters or even hearing the story from different ages of the same character.

As I see things right this moment on October 14, 2019, I want the reader to experience the small town life and characters through the eyes of the main character, Rae, a newcomer and outsider to their sometimes strange ways.

There are many people who make up this little town and each of them has their own voice (and story to tell). I’m hoping that this novel will carry into the telling of some of their stories as well.

Right now, I’m bursting to share with you every one of the 23 characters I have! Obviously only some of them will be featured in this novel. And, if you happen to catch me in a novel-chatting mood, you will likely get more than an earful. Truthfully, it helps me to verbally process bits and pieces of who they are and inevitably I end up with clearer more defined people as a result. I guess the bottomline is: being my friend means getting stuck listening to me yak on and on about my imaginary friends.

I should come with a caution label.

Anyway… voice is also such a unique thing to each individual writer and I’m realizing more and more that when I try to force it into whatever I think it should be, the more it will hide from me. The most true and real and honest voice I have is when the words just fall from the keys and land on the page. The snark and humor and depth are simply part and parcel of this writer. So this is the voice I endeavor to cultivate as I tell Rae’s story.


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