Day 15 of 31: open

When I think of a novel and the word open, the cover immediately pops into my mind.

Now, I fully realize that other people a lot wiser than me will be in charge of the cover because they know what is marketable and have access to buyer studies and whatever.

Here’s what comes to mind:

A woman holding her children’s hands as she walks away from the camera down a country road to a little town in the distance. The woman’s asymmetrical haircut hides her face as she looks down at her daughter’s upturned face. This isn’t a walking into the sunset vibe. The sun would be bright – even harsh – coming through the trees as she walks. Her clothes are dusty and they are wearing backpacks. But she’s walking by herself with her kids into the unknown – and that little town will end up being her greatest refuge and hardest trial all rolled into one.


There is usually some kind of artistic element that stands out by the finish of the story that truly encapsulates the gist and point. Since that point hasn’t actually happened yet, I will leave that up to the marketing department! But I do love a cover that doesn’t totally give away what lies beneath. Leave some mystery but give a hint.

What I don’t want is some silly-looking female-esque cover effectively shoving this book into some “inspirational Christian Fiction” pigeonhole. If I could coin a genre, I would say I write Literary Christian Fiction. This story has so many interesting characters and aspects. I’m hoping and praying that it will open doors and conversations to topics we usually don’t discuss.







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