Theological Thursdays – Reading 2020

Yes, you read that title right. 20/20 vision pun and reading. Yes, I’m that much of a nerd.

(Also, I know it’s actually Friday, not Thursday. Life happened yesterday so we get to pretend it’s still Thursday today.)

But seriously, I noticed something last year with my Goodreads book tracking. I jumped from book to book without much thought as to what or why.

Some were book club reads, others were pre-reading for our church library, and a few were books of fellow writers. I felt like finding time to read was an unexpected bonus so why question it.

I’ve discovered I have levels of reading. I’m not sure why. Most often, my go-to choice is an audiobook while I fold laundry (a personal incentive to do a dreary mundane chore) or to accompany me on groceries and errands. But holding an actual book with pages wrapped in a pretty cover in my hands while sitting down with a cup of tea seems a huge luxury which I often withhold or save for a rescue moment – like after the big family Thanksgiving dinner.

Arriving home, there’s the usual coats, shoes, bags, dishes, leftovers that need to be put away after a big meal like that. But I simply took care of the perishable stuff and then retreated. It felt strange but I allowed my introvert self to curl up with a soft blanket in my reading chair and just recuperate. The dinner was fun and we had a great time, but those kinds of things always come at a cost for me – one I’m usually happy to pay.

Two hours later, I discovered I was more than 3/4 of the way through The Words Between Us! (This book review will be coming up in the Journal!!) My husband knows enough now that I’m not wasting my time, but rather spending it well. I felt so refreshed and rejuvenated!

Books, writing and sleep = therapy trifecta.

Another thing I know about myself: I don’t do goals. Or resolutions. Or word of the year.

Been there, done that. Got more than a few of those t-shirts only to discover they never fit right anyway.

So this year, thanks to Rhonda Ortiz, a new kindred-spirit writer-friend, who shared The Literary Life Podcast’s instagram post on #20for2020 Reading Challenge. I realized it was time to pull my big girl reading pants on and read wider and deeper.

That’s not to say I won’t be reading other things, but I will be intentionally looking for books that fit the categories below.  Click the pic below to get the printable pdf!

CONFESSION Time: Looking at that list is scary. While I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Holling Hoodhood which weaves Shakespeare throughout The Wednesday Wars, I have actually NEVER read one of the Bard’s plays. Nor have I read a classic detective novel. But on the upside, I think most of the books I need are already on my shelves in the library downstairs. So I have no excuses! 

Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 12.57.40 PM

How am I going to convert this pretty checklist to something doable?

Well, I printed it out. Then I made book title notes next to each line. Knowing myself, I will think about doing it and forget that I never actually did it. (Thank you, Enneagram 5 tendencies.)

It’s understood, of course, that the pretty ferns and books on the graphic have been colored in with my favorite pens because those things matter. (At least to me.) 

Then it’s hole-punched and in my Brain (term for binder that holds my life and blog planners) where I make sure to connect the books I read from this list to my Book Reviews that will be showcased in the inaugural Nerd Factory Journal coming out next Thursday!!

If you want to receive the Journal, be sure to click here so you won’t miss anything!

January will feature: Romanov, Story Raider, The Lost for Words Bookshop, and The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck – along with some thoughts on life with books! 

So I’m excited (and maybe a bit nervous) about this year’s challenge. I probably won’t like every genre, but I’m excited to find out which ones I actually do like having (finally) given them a chance.

Each month I will be chatting about my progress in The Nerd Factory Journal! Be sure to sign up!! If you decide to join me and post online, be sure to use #20for2020reads.


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