FMF – “cancel”

It’s been a while since I’ve posted with the Five Minute Friday crew but when I saw today’s word… I had to.

Even as I write this, fragile plans with flights and tickets and packed suitcases are waiting for something to come along and declare them nonexistent.

Isn’t that what cancel feels like?

In the spring when email after email bombarded my inbox with that horrid little word. Cancel. Cancel. Everything is cancelled.

When my girls plans for three weeks at camp disintegrated, when school disappeared from our calendar for months, when church activities ended… and the worst part is anticipating it.

Like right now. It feels like a combat boot ready to stomp on the neck of those willing to attempt a bit of something.

Like a flight to Haiti.

My man is taking our girl along with his parents some other family plus a couple doctors to go love on Haiti. We know her eyes will be plastered wide open with the reality of her American privilege. Mine were when I went to Liberia (but that’s a story for another day). I’ve been praying. Oh how I’ve been praying.

I desperately want them to go and her to have this experience but I want them safe too. I want her to have something this year that wasn’t cancelled.

So I practice that palms up, openhanded prayer. Your will, Father. Your will.

Cancel doesn’t exist in His world – just ours.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

7 thoughts on “FMF – “cancel”

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  1. I’m blessed that you came back to FMF today! I know that God will give you all clarity as you decide what to do with those glorious, gracious plans. Thank you for your words. “Cancel doesn’t exist in His world.” Lovely. Karen 🙂 (FMF #10)

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  2. yes, amen! palms up is one thing 2020 has taught us, amen? good word! I have not read your words before, grateful you joined us at FMF this week! (also my son have been to Haiti a couple times on missions trips, what an experience! Praying your people can go but be safe!)

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  3. This is a hard time for ministry. But may we remain faithful with our support, our prayers, our words of encouragement even if physical trips are cancelled for a time. The Lord’s work will not be hindered. I say this because being involved in a non-profit, I must have faith and trust Him to continue and complete the work He has begun. He is a faithful God! Blessings!

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  4. The world makes light of all our plans;
    and all our cherished dreams
    with imperious demands
    and its capricious schemes,
    intending now to shatter us,
    to crack what seems our brittle shell
    of love and hope and faith and trust,
    and make us gift to hell.
    But hold yer horses, now, Cochise,
    for God is on your side,
    and with Him you can fight the beast,
    so saddle up and ride
    for you do have that which it takes
    to make sure that it’s world that breaks.

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