31 Days: Day 31 “close”

I made it!! 31 posts about my writing journey!  Ironically, it was having the overarching theme that helped me stay with it until the end. I wasn’t digging around each day for the next idea.  I did get behind there for a about 10 days, but grace is now my response rather than giving up... Continue Reading →

31 Days: Day 30 “voice”

There are books written about finding your voice, writing in your voice, keeping your voice original and more.  It’s actually a thing. Each writer has their own voice - a style of writing that is entirely unique to them.  If I were to put down C.S. Lewis’s works next to Madeleine L’Engle, you would know... Continue Reading →

31 Days: Day 29 “together”

Writing can be lonely, sitting by myself, putting down words and sentences.  While it’s definitely not a team sport, it is a team effort. Having each piece seen and heard by those willing to give their input is vital to growing as a writer.  This month, I’ve written about the importance of being part of... Continue Reading →

31 Days: Day 28 “song”

My very favorite writer anthem is Brave by Sara Bareilles When I'm struggling, this baby goes full volume and I sing my heart out. Can you not identify? The hurt of letting the words settle in your skin?? It truly is a physical pain. Sometimes that shadow does win, but writing always unlocks that cage... Continue Reading →

31 Days: Day 27 “whole”

There is a danger in writing.  Remember how I said the reader needs to feel and see and experience the same feelings I did. If that’s true, it is possible then, to not speak the whole truth.  Truth isn’t subjective. Truth also isn’t without emotion. And yes, those two statements don’t contradict each other.  A... Continue Reading →

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