FMF: “name”

Names are powerful. They give life, declare purpose and point to a future. I have a name. You have a name. That name means something and you probably know what it is and likely it has shaped you. My name means "compassionate or beautiful friend". Knowing that helped when the kids barked my name and... Continue Reading →

FMF – “rain”

Rain used to mean change of plans and disrupted schedules. After our honeymoon 15 years ago, it has come to mean restful and sweet. We'd known each other one year to the day when we married. Kinda crazy but when you know, you know. Our honeymoon was a surprise and I discovered it meant a... Continue Reading →

FMF – “loyal”

To be honest, the first thing that popped into my head was "friend". Of course, you can't see her, but I can. Her brown hair is curled and piled on her head the day we met as we both watched younger siblings. I'm the tall one. She's not and we both laugh about it. It's... Continue Reading →

FMF – “Other”

There is always time for it. Other. Anything but what is truly important. I flit to and fro for other people, other tasks, other relationships rather than believing my gift of words is important and valuable and worth sitting down to cultivate. This is the reason I've been silent in this space lately. I've been... Continue Reading →

FMF – “surrender”

It's a glorious Five Minute Friday! Today's word is: "surrender". This word has a lot of baggage attached to it. A crusade hymn. A white flag during a battle. It can be both a noun and a verb. But the idea we often forget about is the reason it's needed. You only need surrender when... Continue Reading →

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