Writing Challenges

31 Days of Free Writes

Each October, I link up with Kate Motaung over at the Five Minute Friday Community for a writing prompt each day.

31 Day Writing challenge


Click each link below after it goes live to read the post!

Week 1: why, gift, problem, listen, other, notice

Week 2: same, gather, join, scared, deep, first, reach

Week 3: voice, open, avoid, consistent, active, strong, tell

Week 4: person, sense, need, different, wait, accept, better

Week 5: test, practice, memory, enjoy


31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes-2


Click each link below after it goes live to read the post

Week 1. story afraid believe why share belong hope

Week 2. comfort inspire how door praise talk ask

Week 3. when pray pause search who audience start

Week 4. help common brief capture moment whole song

Week 5. together voice close



Week 1. worship tell create hope trust story hold

Week 2. truth plan listen remember write invite try

Week 3. remain read grow share brave discover give

Week 4. light work revise because change overcome connect

Week 5. follow refine rest


FEBRUARY is International Correspondence Writing Month!

Begun in 2015… it’s now a worldwide phenomenon that deluges handwritten notes to people all over the world. www.incowrimo.org is a great resource! Block off the month of February each year and join a bunch of people as we send snail mail to each other!

Incowrimo 2017

Incowrimo 2019



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