Welcome to the Nerd Factory, I’m Ruth.

I’m so glad you’re here! Grab steaming mug of your favorite beverage and look around. There’s lots to see!

What’s with the name? 

It’s what happens when a teacher and an engineer have kids – at least that’s what my sister said. So I figured it made a good blog name! Though, it became the moment when I could look at my lovely books and embrace the nerd I covered up for so long.

Also, our three children love books and stories and characters (and debating the merits of movies vs books) as much as we do!

Theology and You

…what in the world do they have in common?

Simply stated, theology is what you believe about God. Everyone has it. You might believe you’re in charge of your own life. You might defer that to karma. However you slice it, you have theology.

You also believe certain things as a result of that foundational piece of theology. If you believe you are the captain of your destiny, then other people’s lives may not matter that much to you. If you believe you may come back as something else, then it will matter to you how you treat the people around you.

My point is… everything is theological. Everything.

That fundamental belief shapes everything you think and read, every conversation, and every interaction ever – especially every book and writer ever. Each has a premise and it is the discerning reader who can see it.

This blog discusses the intersection of reading and thinking and living it out = theology.

Our dinner table is our battleground and common ground. We toss out ideas and discuss, learn to listen to differences, and still walk away loving each other.

I hope you will find this space to be the same. 



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