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Whether you’re slogging through your first draft or submitting for publication, one always needs an editor worth her salt! I’d love to leverage my inner grammar nerd for you.

The Reformed Journal

February 2022 published an article called “Her Identity

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June 2022 published “Catechism Kaleidoscope”

Carry the Cross

Edited this anthology

Cheerleaders and Editors

March 2018 – Breathe Christian Writers Conference Blog

Exploding Hoses and Blank Screens

April 2018 – Breathe Christian Writers Conference Blog

Permission to Breathe

Sept 2018 – Breathe Christian Writers Conference Blog

Back when the blogosphere was shiny, I loved to play around with words. Writing about various things in the world and life, with a few meandering rants thrown in, was fun. But it wasn’t until I was trying to describe my brain to my husband that I realized it wasn’t normal for words to continuously fill one’s mind. That’s when I finally – slowly – began to call myself a writer.

My writing really began to pick up speed when I joined a writers group. Bringing my work was scary, but I learned the art of critique – both for my work and others. Through helping to edit and pull together an anthology for our group, I discovered the joy of seeing a project go from a complete mess to finished. As with anything in life, we continually learn – so I continue to stay up on the latest from the Chicago Manual of Style.  

Editing Services


Copyediting Level 1

fact checking, material is logical and understandable, sources cited


Copyediting Level 2

plus , sentence clarity, word choice, tone/voice


punctuation, spelling, grammar, format, accuracy



overall review, discuss how to improve

Examples of My Writing

The Already But Not Yet

The Already But Not Yet

That’s where we live. Between the unshakeable certainty that one day every broken thing will be made new and the overwhelming hurt and pain of this life. Immanuel. The already but not yet. God with us.The infinite one clothed in human flesh. Incarnation.The one who...

2022 – There is no shoe.

2022 – There is no shoe.

I don't know where you land on the Enneagram. (Here's a great book for beginners. Also, here's a quiz.) I'm solidly a 6 with a 5 wing. In a nutshell, it means I have a bajillion worst case scenarios in my head at any moment. Seriously. They play over and over. It's...

How to un-overwhelm yourself

How to un-overwhelm yourself

Every year, it happens. I get the school calendar, Wednesday night church activities dates, tennis practices and matches, band rehearsals and parades - to say nothing of my own schedules and activities. I hear the gloriously open boxes on the calendar start to whine...

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