Theological Thursdays: Reading 2020

Yes, you read that title right. 20/20 vision pun and reading. Yes, I'm that much of a nerd. (Also, I know it's actually Friday, not Thursday. Life happened yesterday so we get to pretend it's still Thursday today.) But seriously, I noticed something last year with my Goodreads book tracking. I jumped from book to book... Continue Reading →

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In the Raw: Camping at the Red Sea

You might not believe me but if you want to test your ability to teach the Bible, I highly recommend teaching Kindergarteners. You will either "have" them or lose them. They have no filter and will say what they think. But the best part? When they get it, they've really GOT it! They will interact... Continue Reading →

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Wednesday Wars, Shakespeare & You

It was my middle son who told me that I HAD to read The Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt. His older sister, rather than her usual contrarianism, actually joined him in his attempt to convince me. That's how I knew it must be really good. But I confess, it took finding out that the... Continue Reading →

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In the Raw: Continuing the Fight

From taps... "all is well, safely rest, God is nigh" to the flag slowly folded and presented... "on behalf of the President of the United States and a grateful nation" to my veteran father-in-law... I was barely controlling my emotion.

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Comparing Used Book Websites: What I’ve Learned

If you're thinking, "why in the world does anyone need more than one book at a time. You read it and then you're done. What's the big deal?!" You might have happened on the wrong website. Your perfect blog might be "Minimalists in all things - including books". This blog could've been accurately titled "Book Hoarders Anonymous" - which is taken. (I just checked.) If you're thinking, "The smell and feel and excitement of finding the best edition for the best price?? Yes!! Bring it on!! Oh and reading it? Love that too!!" You are definitely in the right place. Read on, good reader. 

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InCoWriMo 2019 – a journal and a freebie

Happy InCoWriMo 2019!!! In case you didn't know, I'm taking part in a challenge to write a handwritten card each day for the month of February to celebrate the International Correspondence Writing Month. Oh and also... did you know it's really difficult to write a blog post about writing snail-mail each day?? I've been wracking... Continue Reading →

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Mean Girls: 3 Tips for You and Your Girl

Welcome back for the final post of our Mean Girls series! Here's the first installment if you'd like to catch up. This post will focus on some practical ways to navigate the mean girls in our lives as well as some questions to ask ourselves to make sure we're not joining them. After you read... Continue Reading →

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Mean Girls – Part 1

It started in third grade. Her two "BFFs" from the neighborhood (sisters) demanded that she give back the necklace proclaiming their friendship because they didn't all end up in the same class together. She was devastated, so hurt that the friendship she thought was special didn't have the same value to the other girls. Her... Continue Reading →

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Summer, Kids & Creativity: A Journey

Each of them, whether they see it yet or not, is created to create. Numbers, paper, pencil, marker, paint, doodles, words, sentences, ingredients, balsa wood, Legos... we cannot help it. Our Creator is worshiped when we reflect Him. I want them to see this.

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The Enneagram and Me

(This is your weekly Theological Thursday post but - on a FRIDAY!) What is the Enneagram?? It's one of a vast number of personality systems and ways of seeing ourselves. Ann Bogel has a great book called Reading People with a chapter on the biggest of the tests and how each is beneficial and complements the... Continue Reading →

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IF Gathering: 2017 Recap

Our texts flew back and forth. "I've got seats saved!"  "Can't wait to see you!" with lots of smiley emojis. As we both finally took our seats in the auditorium of Community Reformed, our sigh of relief was in unison. We made it - physically, emotionally and spiritually. We so needed this time to remember... Continue Reading →

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In the Raw: Mammograms & Callbacks

She said, "The doctor saw a questionable spot on your mammogram yesterday and wants to see you again. Can you come in today?" Her words made my heart stop and my thoughts fly. Why did they want to see me so soon?? I have no pain! Are they just being overly cautious?? Is this the... Continue Reading →

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In the Raw: Moving isn’t for sissies

It's the end of September. This means there have been several weeks for the kids to adjust to their new schools and today I got to volunteer for the first time. After somehow misreading the volunteer email, I signed up for the 1st grade time slot instead of the 2nd grade - which turned out... Continue Reading →

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Day 15 of 31: open

When I think of a novel and the word open, the cover immediately pops into my mind. Now, I fully realize that other people a lot wiser than me will be in charge of the cover because they know what is marketable and have access to buyer studies and whatever. Here's what comes to mind:... Continue Reading →

Day 14 of 31: voice

If you've been following my journey of these 31 Days, there was a huge jump from Day 3 to 14 - as in no posts for 11 days. I'm a perfectionist and I want to complete everything I set out to do but I knew so many things were outside of my control that something... Continue Reading →

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