The Already But Not Yet

That’s where we live. Between the unshakeable certainty that one day every broken thing will be made new and the overwhelming hurt and pain of this life. Immanuel.

The already but not yet. God with us.
The infinite one clothed in human flesh. Incarnation.
The one who created the world now bathing in the water he spoke into existence. God ducking down to sit with us. Loving us.
Taking the first step even though we wronged him.

The already but not yet.
His divinity and humanity equal.
His life perfect and sinless, our payment not yet complete.

The already but not yet.
His followers whose finiteness mired their comprehension of his words.
The petty squabbles. His holy exasperation with these chosen men. The already followers but not yet world changers.

The already but not yet.
Future followers covered in prayer.
Unity, Father. Give them unity like we have.
The already redeemed but not yet sanctified.
The willful lacking unity.

The world sees our lack rather than the already but not yet.
Those inside, we look through the veil of theology knowingly and wish. Let the kingdom come here. Let the unity begin here.
Let our church be the one to prove our love for God.

Yet the Church is so broken. Even as she’s already the bride. She’s struggling to stand in the slog of mud. She’s not yet whole.

Waiting for the not yet. Advent. Remembering his suffering for us. Lent.

Longing for what we were originally intended: perfect connection with our Creator and each other. Knowing the ultimate cost. Weary. 

Yet, God’s plan for his bride is flawless – it’s his bride that’s flawed.

So we’re left with only one thing. Trust.

Trust that not-yet will come. It’s a certainty. Immanuel. God’s still with us. Even on that horrible cross. Even then. 

In our weariness, we remember – and this hope never disappoints –
the steadfast love of our Abba never ceases. His mercies never come to an end.

Even as we hurt in this broken world and especially as we remember his journey to the cross, they are new every morning.

Immanuel. Great is His faithfulness.