Comparing Used Book Websites: What I’ve Learned

If you're thinking, "why in the world does anyone need more than one book at a time. You read it and then you're done. What's the big deal?!" You might have happened on the wrong website. Your perfect blog might be "Minimalists in all things - including books". This blog could've been accurately titled "Book Hoarders Anonymous" - which is taken. (I just checked.) If you're thinking, "The smell and feel and excitement of finding the best edition for the best price?? Yes!! Bring it on!! Oh and reading it? Love that too!!" You are definitely in the right place. Read on, good reader. 

The Enneagram and Me

(This is your weekly Theological Thursday post but - on a FRIDAY!) What is the Enneagram?? It's one of a vast number of personality systems and ways of seeing ourselves. Ann Bogel has a great book called Reading People with a chapter on the biggest of the tests and how each is beneficial and complements the... Continue Reading →

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