Day 15 of 31: open

When I think of a novel and the word open, the cover immediately pops into my mind. Now, I fully realize that other people a lot wiser than me will be in charge of the cover because they know what is marketable and have access to buyer studies and whatever. Here's what comes to mind:... Continue Reading →

Day 14 of 31: voice

If you've been following my journey of these 31 Days, there was a huge jump from Day 3 to 14 - as in no posts for 11 days. I'm a perfectionist and I want to complete everything I set out to do but I knew so many things were outside of my control that something... Continue Reading →

Day 3 of 31: problem

As I'm sure you are aware, a story without a problem isn't much of a story. It's just someone journaling in their "dear diary" as they record their little moments of what happened. The part that makes us stop and pay attention is the problem. The more complex and difficult, especially emotionally, the more enraptured... Continue Reading →

Day 1 of 31: why

Hello my faithful reader. This is your rather not-so-faithful blog writer. As the title suggests, this is the annual 31 Day Writing Challenge put forth by Kate Motaung of Five Minute Friday. My usual plan to pre-write in September and then stay ahead of the giant eight ball called life did not happen. So here... Continue Reading →

31 Days: Day 31 “close”

I made it!! 31 posts about my writing journey!  Ironically, it was having the overarching theme that helped me stay with it until the end. I wasn’t digging around each day for the next idea.  I did get behind there for a about 10 days, but grace is now my response rather than giving up... Continue Reading →

31 Days: Day 30 “voice”

There are books written about finding your voice, writing in your voice, keeping your voice original and more.  It’s actually a thing. Each writer has their own voice - a style of writing that is entirely unique to them.  If I were to put down C.S. Lewis’s works next to Madeleine L’Engle, you would know... Continue Reading →

31 Days: Day 29 “together”

Writing can be lonely, sitting by myself, putting down words and sentences.  While it’s definitely not a team sport, it is a team effort. Having each piece seen and heard by those willing to give their input is vital to growing as a writer.  This month, I’ve written about the importance of being part of... Continue Reading →

31 Days: Day 28 “song”

My very favorite writer anthem is Brave by Sara Bareilles When I'm struggling, this baby goes full volume and I sing my heart out. Can you not identify? The hurt of letting the words settle in your skin?? It truly is a physical pain. Sometimes that shadow does win, but writing always unlocks that cage... Continue Reading →

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