In the Raw: What I know

It's been 84 days since I had a haircut, ate in a restaurant, grocery shopped without concern of wearing a mask or obsessively sanitizing my hands, or (and here's the doozy) my children have been in school. I'm over screens - and thankfully school is done now. But let's be honest, I'm just over it... Continue Reading →

In the Raw: Camping at the Red Sea

You might not believe me but if you want to test your ability to teach the Bible, I highly recommend teaching Kindergarteners. You will either "have" them or lose them. They have no filter and will say what they think. But the best part? When they get it, they've really GOT it! They will interact... Continue Reading →

In the Raw: A Life Well-Lived

She sits in a rolling recliner with her eyes half closed.  Four years ago, she used to sit in a chair outside the children's ministry bathrooms making sure those little boys washed their hands.  I walk up to her and smile. She smiles tentatively, obvious that she doesn't remember me at first sight.  I say... Continue Reading →

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