Merry Christmas! To: YOU From: Me

So... how are you, this 20th of December?? Me? Lots of parties this week... Christmas party for the Girl Scout troop Monday (fun gift exchange!), Christmas party for writers group Tuesday (and it was amazing!), Christmas party last night at church (sugared up 1st graders for an hour and a half), and an extended family Christmas... Continue Reading →

Making Christmas Less Nuts: managing the gifts

Welcome back to the second post in the December series: Making Christmas Less Nuts! My last one was quite lengthy. Thanks for sticking around. It floats in the air, unspoken. Neighbors, teachers, bus drivers, coworkers, family, extended family, Christmas parties, bosses, employees, friends, people at church... What do I get for them?! Of course, I... Continue Reading →

Mean Girls – Part 1

It started in third grade. Her two "BFFs" from the neighborhood (sisters) demanded that she give back the necklace proclaiming their friendship because they didn't all end up in the same class together. She was devastated, so hurt that the friendship she thought was special didn't have the same value to the other girls. Her... Continue Reading →

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